Carlos Cerdà


Current work

Garden of l’Edèn

According to the Bible, Adam and Eve were not born in a hospital, like us, nor in a swimming pool, like the most modern people, nor in their parents’ house, like our grandparents, nor in a cave, like primitive men. They were born in Eden, which was a garden. Why a garden and not a forest, a mountain or a jungle? According to the dictionary, a garden is “a piece of land in which ornamental plants and flowers are grown to make it a pleasant place.” Thus, for God, the most normal thing was for man to be surrounded by nature. Not about cars, elevators, clothing stores, traffic lights and asphalt. The creator preferred that human beings be surrounded by birds, trees, sun and grass. But not in a wild way, as it could be in a savannah. The almighty preferred an orchard. A garden. That place where the work of man and that of nature go hand in hand. Laborious hands plant those plants that will provide food and beauty. They organize the place to make it useful and beautiful. They care for and pamper the environment so that it grows, flourishes and bears maximum fruit. The mind devises paths for water, which fertilizes the soil, refreshes the air, gladdens the ear, quenches the thirst of all and generously distributes its gifts. Man can eat in abundance because in exchange for her love, Mother Earth nourishes him and meets all his needs. But when the germ of ambition, which is the seed of all evil, sprouts in the individual, he loses his innocence and the world becomes inhospitable and hostile. That is why we must seek again to return to the garden. To that place where the earth and man go hand in hand, and between the two they create the most beautiful place in the universe.